Pre-need Insurance


Today funeral homes must use a pre-need company that has been cleared and licensed by the State of Alabama Department of Insurance. The pre-need insurance company must be registered in the funeral home's name. The funeral home is issued an annual pre-need license that's displayed at its office.


There are several different ways of funding pre-arranged funerals including Trusts, Letters of Credit, Surety Bonds, and Insurance. Regardless of the method chosen a pre-need company has to be used by the funeral home. (The funral home does not have free access to your money before death.)


Another advantage is that medicare recognizes a pre-paid funeral as acceptable for monies built up by its recipients, without penalizing or reducing their regular check. By purchasing your merchandise (casket, vault, etc.) and professional services (embalming, funeral staff, vehicles) today you are guaranteed to save money. There are too many advantages to list here. But, one final advantage is that you cannot be turned down for any health reason. People with diabetes and dialysis patients, etc. can be signed up.


Please call to make an appointment or stop by.  At Peoples Funeral Home we know that pre-planning is worth your peace of mind.

Thank you.